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Intelligent Energy Controlling And Monitoring Solutions

Machine-wise energy consumption pattern to help you optimize energy utilization and save cost with the influence of the IOT, all machines are interconnected so that the data such as power consumption with specific parameter like the current and voltage are maintained to specified range. Energy meters are handy and installed in the machines are directly compatible for the IOT platform.

With the help of mobile application with dashboard the performance of the particular machine can be monitored and addressed immediately incise or whenever it is low efficiency. By this process machine monitor its attendees.

Smart Platforms

Our Smart Platforms bring in transformative changes in the way we live by radically disrupting key sectors like Health, Agriculture, Education, Supply Chain, Home automation, EVs etc., These platforms bring in long terms gains and productivity.

We specialize in harnessing and leveraging the expertise to build customized Smart Platforms which leads to Smart Building, Smart Institution, Smart Pole and Smart meters

Renewable Energy With Energy Management System

Our Solution with single unified dashboard manage your renewable energy usuage by monitoring efficiently. Seamless and easy Installation without any impact to business operation and energy generation. Measures electrical power consumption at Electrical Distribution Boards, Sub Boards and Man Switch Boards. Which is suitable for small and large buildings, industrial plants and offices.

Dashboards with Live data for overview of energy consumption across different locations.
Alarm Module for detection of abnormal usage and real time notifications via email, sms and voice calls.
Reporting Module to schedule and automate report generation using standard energy reporting templates.
Data Analytics to reduce energy consumption and drive sustainability initiatives.

Modern Busines Automation With Cloud

Implement Business Process Automation (BPA)

The organisation get benefited by saving time and resources using simple and
Improved business processes by hosting BPA tools. Every BPA solution is expected to reduce the time and money spent on completing a business process. Most locallyhosted BPA tools require huge investments, installation time and continuous maintenance. Need to develop your own process automation using cloud with listed expertise will leads your organisation to save Capital Investment, Reliability, Improves information management, Stabilised process management, More scalable and flexible, stay focused on your core business, Improves security through redundancy.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

  • DevOps in AWS / Azure cloud environment
  • Integration of automation tools with public cloud like AWS, Google & Azure
  • Troubleshoot production issues in production environments, Application
  • Development of monitoring architecture & implementation of monitoring agents,
    dashboards, escalations and alert
  • Expertise in Docker, Core OS, LXC, Zones, Jails Zabbix