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RENEWABLE ENERGY This increases the value of IoT-based systems for offshore asset monitoring and management by our renewable energy software solutions Our customized EMS software by cloud simulate the operation of their physical counterparts using the data coming from real physical assets, environment, weather, etc. This approach gives endless opportunities from real-time asset monitoring to predictive maintenance and testing different scenarios.

All types of renewable energy projects which is always in need of tools and software for renewables engineering


We are inspired by the opportunity to advance patient care through
constant innovation and bridge the gap between technology and health care. We provide medical solutions for diverse challenges faced in the field of healthcare.

We aim to raise the standard of medical care by using state-of-the-art technology to create new innovations. Our vast knowledge and unique blend of expertise in the field is due to our team consisting of surgeons, engineers and medical professionals who aim to equip healthcare for the future.

Apart from our products, we pioneer the use of IoT in the medical field. Our first endeavour in IoT (Internet of Things) starts with our in-house online cloud storage platform which is a hassle-free platform that provides efficient and secure (HIPPACompliant) management and dissemination of patient data among doctors and medical professionals which can be utilized in a myriad number of ways.

All types of renewable energy projects which is always in need of tools and software for renewables engineering


Our solutions through the new emerging technologies for increasing productivity in manufacturing and process industry has become a prerequisite to stay competitive.

Industrial Internet of Things or IIoT, the buzz behind the manufacturing industries has revolutionized the way we look into problems. Given the fact that most of the industries are gathering data, knowingly or unknowingly, with the IoT systems, their utility to gain productivity is possible gaining competitiveness.

We have always been speaking about generating a data lake to the servers in various forms like time series data, ordinal, image and point cloud, text, serialization – all on different time frames, from different sources and of different types on to the same system. When we reverse the percentiles of operations, we can solely claim that IIoT boosts the productivity of the industry. All in all, the idea of Industrial IoT is a boon to any manufacturer and it has to be seen as one


Service Management enables businesses to create extraordinary field service management and customer relationships with the most empowering, adaptable and affordable Field Service management (FSM) solution on the market.

Field Service Management is equipped with robust customer tracking options, meeting scheduling solutions, as well as Job management features. Large companies can also benefit from using this software as it is built to help sales teams get started quickly with their CRM efforts without making major changes to their existing workflow.


Boosting your SCM software with core capabilities & automating logistics processes.

We leverage advanced data intelligence to furnish actionable insights for inventory management and order fulfilment, which make supply chain analytics & reporting solutions to optimize distribution, warehouse operations, purchase order flows and procurement.

Solutions in supply chain will transform your supply chain functions & enable tangible results to bolster the management of suppliers and aid to optimize operations & finetune your products and this will enable our customers to reduce expenses on the supply chain from suppliers to its retail stores.Waste Management


Our HR Software application implements the HR Practices at workplace by bridge the gap between HR department and other partsof the organisation.

We have a trendy and powerful ESS & MSS services which are integrated with the system. And it provides the Operations user-friendly and also the employees’ can get resolution to their needs and queries with the single panel. System will provide the flexibility to set the simple / moderate / very huge complex of leave process and attendance process with the companies it lies under the single settings to manage the process.

Some of the core features of the process is as below, Employee Post Leave’s or cancel or re change attendance to raise to their surrogates for the approvals. Employees’ can see their Pay slips & Income Tax Workings also to do the declarations from the ESS service.