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Field Service Management

An industrial specific robust Field Service Management Software suite Equipped with everything for FSM

Perfect Field Service Management

Field Service Management enables businesses to create extraordinary field servicemanagement and customer relationships with the most empowering, adaptable andaffordable Field Service management (FSM) solution on the market. Helping ourclients build a unique customer experience through great customer relationships is oursole focus.

We specialize in harnessing and leveraging the expertise to build customized Smart Platforms which leads to Smart Building, Smart Institution, Smart Pole and Smart meters

FSM Mobile App

Field Service Management Technician App makes easy for all your marketing, sales, and customer service teams to engage with customers, grow your productivity, and deliver real time job insights.

Amazing CRM Features Included

Field Service Management is equipped with robust customer tracking options, meeting scheduling solutions, as well as Job management features. Large companies can also benefit from using this software as it is built to help sales teams get started quickly with their CRM efforts without making major changes to their existing workflow

A Multitude Of Jobs And Scheduling

Field Service Management’s Job management enables clients on coordinating field operations through a mobile workforce. At a basic level, this entails scheduling service orders, dispatching agents, and tracking vehicle locations and job status. It helps automate these jobs and provide mobile access through a cloud-based platform.

Software Technologies


JAVA has enourmous open source libraries which enables the development more
effective. Our developers adapt such technologies and apply them to make softwares.


AngularJS is a toolset for building the framework most suited to your application
development. It is fully extensible and works well with other libraries. Achieve the maximum speed possible on the Web Platform today.


Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient. Node.js’ package ecosystem, npm, is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world.

Ionic Framework:

Ionic Framework is the free, open source mobile UI toolkit for developing high-quality cross-platform apps for native iOS, Android all from a single code base. Build with intuitive UI components that accelerate app development, and can be deployed virtually anywhere.

Microsoft Power Apps:

Microsoft Power Apps is business app creator that helps companies design solutions for their customers. This software allows users to create solutions to complex problems in the form of mobile or web apps.


MongoDB is a document database, which means it stores data in JSON-like
documents. We believe this is the most natural way to think about data, and is much more expressive and powerful than the traditional row/column model.


ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform, high-performance, open-source framework for building modern, cloud-based, Internet-connected applications. Build web apps and services, IoT apps, and mobile back ends.


Hypertext Pre Processor is cheap, secure, fast and reliable for developing web
applications. With PHP frameworks like CodeIgnitor build fast, secure, robust applications.


MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database. It can cost-effectively help us deliver high performance, scalable database applications.